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Underbart sammetstyg från Rubellis vårkollektion 2111

7614 - Malvasia. Printed velvet 1.795:- m
4 Colors | [100%CO] 85%CO 15%MD | Width 140 cm | Rep. 84 cm
MALVASIA is a cotton velvet printed with a floral design with a watercolour effect. Taken from a sketch kept in the Rubelli archives, it is made on a larger scale compared to the original. The print on velvet has the special feature of making the colours deeper and more textural. MALVASIA is available in 4 versions: one multicoloured, one in mostly red, one with cooler colours and a fourth in mainly midnight blue and dark red, almost like ink stains.

Publicerad 2011-02-19 i kategorin Textil